Ladder Accessories

Ladder Accessories

Ladder Accessories, Add-ons, Kits, Security, Safety and more....


A complete range of add-ons and kits to assist you in making the most out of using your ladder:

    *  Roof Rack Clamps                                 *  Stabilisers

    *  Platform Step                                 *  Stand-Off

    *  Universal Hook Kit                          *  Brackets


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The Microlite Ladder Stand-Off

The Microlite allows unique roof access making it the ultimate Class 1 industrial stand-off. D Wh..

Ex Tax: £141.25

Ladder Lighting Collar

Lighting Collar   The Lighting Collar secures the top of the ladder to lighting columns, traffic li..

Ex Tax: £257.29

Metal Loft Balustrade & Grab Rail - by Skylark

​Metal Loft Balustrade & Grab Rail   For your Safety when Entering or Exiting your Attic Metal Lof..

From £33.60
Ex Tax: From £28.00